Suminagashi is the Japanese art of floating inks on water and capturing the chance patterns by deftly placing a sheet of paper upon the inky surface and smoothly removing it to dry.

Three styles emerged: figures, where a single ink form is created in the midst of a blank field; strong fields, where the entire sheet is allowed to be filled with strong inks; and lastly, weak fields, where the inks are allowed to de-saturate in the water creating a diffused print for letter writing (the original purpose of suminagashi).

I also do a vaguely-controlled "egg" or "sphere" thing, where a circular void opens in the middle of a strong field allowing a space for hand-written texts.

The Pink Mooners among you will recall I use a suminagashi print to base a Pink Moon map on, also. You'll see that ink spot in this set.

These prints look best large or as a slide show. But really best within a black frame as screen or wall art.
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