• hay their almost the same shape as ur finger-stache! compositional symmetry ;) - Jennifer Elysse
  • Best possible tattoo idea.
    I draw one on every Monday - Galactic Phantom


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Day 2, and I'm AMAZED at how quick it's grown back, frankly. What a lustrous (and slightly continental) moustache! This is for 366 and FGR's moustache group day.

If you don't know, I'm taking part in this year's Movember. I start clean shaven and spend the next month growing only the moustache back to raise money for trying to cure prostate cancer.

You can donate to my Mo by either:

1. Clicking this link www.movember.com/uk/donate/donate-details.php?action=spon... and donating online using your credit card or PayPal account, or

2. Writing a cheque payable to ‘The Prostate Cancer Charity Re: Movember', referencing my Registration Number 1360126 and mailing it to:

The Prostate Cancer Charity
First Floor Cambridge House
100 Cambridge Grove
London W6 OLE

Thank you SO much to everyone who's donated so far, we're up to an already brilliant £76, but we CAN do better! Please, please, PLEASE - if you haven't given anything yet and you can spare a little cash then do something nice and help.

Thank you!

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  1. gawatt ages ago | reply

    The stubble suits you!

  2. crustydolphin ages ago | reply

    can you cultivate the new one to look like this? is tres superbe!

  3. puzzling twig [deleted] ages ago | reply

    LOL- love the new moustache!

  4. ▲ r n o ages ago | reply

    ha, sweet, i want that moustache

  5. jennie Zed ages ago | reply

    oh how debonair! Love the 'stache!

  6. 'Piers Plowman' ages ago | reply

    Such rugged good looks - and the finger tache is a stroke of brilliance... Will you go for a waxed, curly look this year perhaps? Feel you could carry it off

    Pledges are coming in for my Mo-grow, so am beginning to feel the ignominy of a bare chin may be worth it - thanks for the inspiration to take part...

  7. menno-indian ages ago | reply

    love the processing & texture on this

  8. pixel2lille ages ago | reply

    Bonjour, je suis l'administrateur du groupe male & detail, et nous aimerions beaucoup que vous ajoutiez ceci à notre groupe !

  9. Chri*C ages ago | reply

    nice shot, you look so dignified with your finger stache. I have a friend who actually got that TATTOOED on his finger!!!

  10. jennie Zed ages ago | reply

    chrissie06 My cousin did too.. she's going to regret it one day! :P

  11. Billie Jane ages ago | reply

    love that one too !

  12. olympusjack ages ago | reply

    awesome fake/real tatto
    i want one!

  13. sarah heffernan ages ago | reply

    if i got a tattoo this would be it, in fact i do this a lot in school. and im a girl... =/

  14. daviddd_d ages ago | reply

    that's great

  15. footslug ages ago | reply

    Awesome shot! You should send this in to the fingerface art project @ www.digitface.com

  16. lady in the radiator ages ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called IT'S MOUSTACHE TIME!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  17. movealong ages ago | reply

    thats stache is awesome

  18. arrynorm 61 months ago | reply

    Worthy of a Kenny Everett.

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