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Sunset at West Point Lighthouse

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Living in Seattle is great for lots of different reasons. It's definitely a photographer's paradise. There is such diversity in the subject matter to choose from too, but ultimately I'm drawn back to the water time and time again. There are tons of public access parks and beaches to choose from and most offer great photo opportunities. One of these parks is called Discovery Park. It is a giant 534 acre park. It is also home for the West Point Lighthouse. There are several lighthouses in the Puget Sound area. Earlier in my photostream I posted a photo of the Alki Point Lighthouse which is a couple blocks from my house. Personally, I think it's much more attractive than this one - the West Point Lighthouse which is pretty weathered and beat up. There are rust steaks everywhere on it and it doesn't appear to be kept up in the same meticulous manner that the Alki Lighthouse is. In any event, it still makes for an interesting photo subject. There seems to be only two ways to shoot this lighthouse - from the south or from the north. The angles from the south were much more pleasing to me and I was able to frame the sunset better. I shot from both sides, but these turned out the best, especially since I caught a sailboat traversing the sun's reflection in the water. This photo also follows the same type of theme as my photo of the Alki lighthouse in that there is a large amount of driftwood in the foreground.


This particular afternoon was the first semi sunny day after about a week's worth of rain and so there were tons of people out at the park and that also meant lots of other photographers. There was a guy that set up about 3 feet on my left and another guy about 10 feet away on my right. I think I had the best angle. I also made the same mistake that countless others make and that is to park in the parking lot that is about a mile away from the lighthouse only to realize that you can drive up to a paved parking lot right next to the lighthouse. After freezing my butt off, I had to hike back with all my gear to my car. Haha. Oh well.


The shot: Nikon D90, 18-200mm @ 18mm, f22, ISO 100 - 3 bracketed shots (-2, 0, +2), Photomatix Details Enhancer.


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Taken on March 29, 2009