China: My 1.3 Billion BFFs
In October of '08 my pal Andy Pitz invited me along on a comedy tour of China (run by an American over there). Shi! How did our humor go over with the Chinese? We don't know: the crowds were English-speaking foreigners. (Thank god - I don't know the Mandarin word for 'pascetti'.) But the shows went great - the expats patted us on our backs.
(I also visited Hong Kong, which isn't fully China but will be within 39 years. I'm calling it China now in case I don't update this before 2047.)
Anyway, it was a great time to go: it was autumn, and the country had spruced up for the Olympics. China's cities and countryside are dainty, and its citizens are the sweetest 1.3 billion folks you'd ever hope to meet. It's my favorite red state.
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