Home and Home-Studio
Our home is very simple and small, by American standards. We live in a house all on one level, 900 square feet big. Our garden is larger than the house. All of the woodworking is the artistic touch of my husband, Tim, who is a furniture and cabinet maker by trade and by passion.
We don't spend much money - we live pretty simply by choice, so the way I have "decorated" our home is by chance and by artistry, mostly without advanced planning.

I am am artist and a nester -- I like to make our home environment beautiful and comfortable and it reflects our personalities more than the homes of most people I know. The artwork on the walls is mostly done by us: by our kids, my husband and me, or our friends.

There are places on the walls with wallpaper I started peeling off in 1989 when I bought this house (as a single mom with my two boys) that I have never finished peeling! The kitchen counter is the original 1950s linoleum with thousands of knife cuts in it. My husband builds kitchens, yet our humble kitchen remains un"remodeled" because we can't decide what we want to do with it! heheh. I have to confess the garden suffers from the same disease -- the garden of a landscape designer goes without_______ ? oh well ....

So you will not see any "House & Garden Magazine" spreads in this set. Nor any Vogue or Dwell or even "Fine Home Building" style photos. Instead, I have chosen to include more intimate portraits of our home and surrounding garden. Of the many personal -- and sometimes quirky -- details that truly make our home a Home.

We love where we live: our town, our house, our neighborhood and our beautiful state of Montana, USA. Because we are not encumbered with lots of materials "things" like a boat, 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, a house in the country, expensive stereo equipment, leather furniture and king-sizes 360-count egyptian cotton bed linens .... we can relax and enjoy homemade music, homemade comfort, the simple beauty of natural objects and "found art" and the pursuit of our own artistic creativity for pleasure.

I hope you enjoy peeking into our home life. Let me know what you think and ... tell us how you find pleasure in your home and life.
And thanks for looking!
Maureen and Tim
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