Toronto Artist Independent Comic

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    INDEPENDENT COMIC CAST IN ORDER OF APPAERANCE (from top left not including the portrait box )

    1 Audu Bon (a famous forest ranger & protector of the wild.)
    2 Jungle Cat (Audu's faithful side kick)
    3 A Tree (who has assimilated a mechanical foilage battle armor)
    4 Mike Parsons (who sits under the tree drawing pictures)
    5-11 People (watching Mike draw under the tree)
    12 Junior ( a robotics genius who works at a simple repair shop)
    13-14 two little bubble people falling from the sky
    15 The police
    16-18 more denizens from the City of Gears
    19 The aged fisherman
    20-The fish
    21 The Epiphany ( in corner box)
    22 -27 hethens
    28 The Magus (playing the trumpet)
    29 Studabaker Chick (superheroine)
    30 Studabaker Hawk (superhero who was imprisoned by a giant billboard in BOOK ONE)
    31 The Last Optimist ( the central character from Mike's first graphic novel)
    32 The Zen master and owner of a cybernetics repair shop
    33-40 faces in the crowd
    41-42 The Dad who carries his kid on his shoulders (these guys have been watching Mike draw for a long time now)
    43 The Collection-Bot
    44Another cell phone call
    45-46 Demons from the Blue gates
    47 Goseki Kozjima (guardian Samurai of the City of Gears )
    48-49 An evil villian & his army of Robots
    50-56 citizens (propelling the gear)
    57 The giant Cyclops Enforcer mech-monster
    58 A decapitated businessman in the Cyclops hands
    59 Samura ( travelling Ronin & main portrait on cover)
    60 Argenta ( the computer expert at the repair shop)
    61 Studabaker Space ( a hero from the future & outer space)
    62 THE CITY OF GEARS (propelled by all the people upper right hand corner!)

    HEY APATHY! BOOK TWO is Toronto artist Mike Parsons third graphic novel in the ongoing fantasy, auto biograchical. street art comic series. Ever since childhood Mike has dreamt of creating his own stories and universe and finally ... here it is! Highly Recommended by the Artist (...we are just getting started so as the Samurai says Let's tell some stories!)

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