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Luna Returns

The title really only has meaning to me... but for now, I will say it has something to do with a similarity to the way this shoot looked to the one I did way back when I did the shoot for Luna - the moon Goddess (see her below) although there is more to it than that. I didn't do that shoot initially intending to shoot a Goddess pic, just saw the roundness of my face & anger in my eyes & thought it looked rather moon-like. The goddess series is one that was not really planned ahead of time, but rather one that sort of evolved as time went along. Given the way things seem to be taking an upturn as of late, & the similarity in the look of these pics I had just taken, it seemed appropriate to me, although I did not plan this shoot intending to mimic Luna. I believe I see "Luna" as someone that carries a spirit of hunger & passion, & will not let anything stand in her way. If you use your imagination, this could be Luna as she has returned to earth in human form. The violet in my eyes was not embellished. I do not have violet eyes, nor did they appear violet in the original, but desaturating the skin tone left me with this shade - a grayish violet. Taken July 24, 2011. View On Black

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Taken on July 24, 2011