Our intern starts today. We figured we'd start her off with a little prank.

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    1. kiwi5555 69 months ago | reply

      Cool shot!!

    2. insomniac_amnesiac 69 months ago | reply

      Is it weird that I love it?!
      There's even a plant, aww : ))

    3. italianjob17 69 months ago | reply


    4. ittoku.lee 69 months ago | reply

      at least height is easily adjustable

    5. unfalse 69 months ago | reply

      super amazing. i would totally sit there too

    6. Valerio_B 69 months ago | reply

      Yea, hi. We're going to go ahead and, ah, move you down to storage room B.

    7. thoughtfix 69 months ago | reply

      In case you wondered where you got all the traffic: gizmodo.com/5300282/probably-the-smallest-cubicle-in-the-...

    8. Imisshell 69 months ago | reply

      Being a social worker in a hospital, I always got the worst offices. On the psych unit I was in a closet so small that I had to get out of my chair to open the door, and interviewees had to sit in a chair in the hall. Then I was put in an old building with those modular furniture parts, only they took out a copy machine and put a folding table in for me, with cardboard boxes for drawers. They finally moved me to the main building with leftover unmatched modular walls from 3 redos, and my office was as wide as the window. Again, room for only one person. Oops, I almost forgot my favorite - they stuck me in an old ICU room when they moved to a new floor, and all services had been cut to that section of the hospital. So I had no phone (whenever I got beeped I had to run to the nearest RN station to answer it), no light,
      and IV hangers dangling, and a toilet in the corner. I finally brought a lantern to work so I could see, and got some curtains to hide the toilet.
      And hung some plants from the IV hangers. At least it was roomy!

    9. daniel_bryant 69 months ago | reply

      That's pretty funny. I thought my first cubical was a prank.

    10. Giridhar Chandrasekar 69 months ago | reply

      thank god am not the intern

    11. 【ツ】Jerry H. [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

      hahahah awesome

    12. TinouGeek 69 months ago | reply

      LOL you are not serious ?!

    13. Cowtools 69 months ago | reply

      That's brilliant.

      I once had a "private office" that had previously been a closet. I only got that because of an oversized dot-matrix printer that made too much noise for the call center next to me.

    14. noahmittman 69 months ago | reply

      Oh man, this is fantastic. The only thing missing is a stack of punch cards.

    15. ☂Givafuck☂ 68 months ago | reply

      ~ Drone's lil desk ~

    16. vinkerekniv 67 months ago | reply


    17. pirategaspard 63 months ago | reply

      Ha! This is a great pic. Would love to have this Office Prank on www.TheseOfficePranks.com! Would you consider submitting it?

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