monochrom's "Pot Tin God"
POT TIN GOD is a very colossal and (literally) bloated statement about the emergence and decline of subcultural symbols.

In the 1960s and 1970s the "joint" was a radical symbol of counter-culture, a strong gesture of social revolution. But such icons of subculture – such subcultural "memes" – appear, just to be hollowed out by the harsh waves of normativity. After a short period of time the symbol climbs up the career-ladder. And what remains is a footnote in the endless realms of bourgeois history (or even worse: bourgeois art history). Our sculpture is as blunt and boring as that. It's a somewhat classical portray of what happens to subcultural icons once they are sucked in and became global players in the field of symbols of freedom and coolness in a sadly cool and monotonous "free world".

What is left of the radicality and political message of the joint? What is left of its shining glory of "fuck them all?" Well, consuming pot is a minor offense (thankfully) kept alive by administration. It's more a trade-off than a subversion anymore. It's a "yeah, it's somehow wrong to do it, but well, you know, yeah" kind of approach. And what is subversion anyways? Just a direct path into the dark dungeons of guerrilla marketing?

We have to find ways around a very-late-capitalist system that actually want us to be subversive. How can you subvert something that wants you to break rules? Well... we are working on it.

Don't Vietcong us - we'll Vietcong you!
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