Politics and Conflict
The smaller political parties were ever more marginalised by the #GE2017.In 2015 the Tories gained power when just 23.5 % of the electorate voted for them.

With that disproportionate power grab which we call
"democracy" they had complete control of the lives and futures of us all. They made a pig's dinner of that.

Ironically, in this week's election they failed to gain power when they secured the increased share of the electoral vote, from 23.5 % to 29.3%.

However, Jeremy Corbyn is less than 2 percentage points behind the Tories in terms of actual votes cast and some would call that a miracle.

Nevertheless in terms of Parliamentary seats he is disadvantaged by a shortfall nearly 9 % less than the Tories

Who would call this democracy? I call it a travesty.

Don't blame me! I voted for Proportional Representation.

Ironically, had we adopted PR we would now have the certainty that Theresa May claims to crave... one way or another.


Some will have noted the MSM use the figure 43% to describe the Tory vote. That is because they are not measuring the Tory share of the electorate because that number does not flatter our electoral system.

Written before the 2015 Election Campaign......
We are about to face an election campaign of negative political campaigning by the Conservatives who have some explaining to do , but also have the deepest pockets to say it loud and very ugly. The Conservative poster campaign has been trailed and it will be intentionally personal, so we are told.

The candidate that is most likely to get down and dirty is of course David Cameron, as any frequent observer of Prime Minister's Question Time would realise.

Most Tories seem to admire David Cameron, for his stubborn and knowing refusal to answer any awkward questions that would disadvantage his party.

He uses PMQs to insult Ed Miliband with personal remarks designed to entertain Tory backbenchers; schoolboy jokes that make them guffaw like hyenas and smirk like Billy Bunter with a chocolate bar.

Embarrassed by one question this week Cameron did say that such “robust debate” is justifiable.

For "robust debate" read "personal abuse".

David Cameron endorses personal abuse of political opponents. That is where we are, and that is our Prime Minister by default.

The gloves are off.
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