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    This is the back of one of my favorite shirts. I got it in 1996 when I was doing radio in college. There was a guy who would come to campus and sell shirts, a bunch of them were misprinted in one way or another. This one lacks any other image (the single cover art for the Ministry tune "Just One Fix" was supposed to be on the front) and that is fine with me.





    Taken by Cory Q.

    Tenuous link: Black ,white, nihlistic.

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    1. welovethedark 92 months ago | reply

      Cool!!!!!! The lack of imagery on the front makes the statement more powerful! I think Al would approve! (Even if he didn't make money off the shirt...)

    2. ElDave 92 months ago | reply

      That's bad ass

    3. Indiewench 91 months ago | reply

      i love that you did college radio wearing flawed t-shirts, you crazy little monkey!

    4. Funkomaticphototron 91 months ago | reply

      Thanks everyone for the comments!

      @welovethedark: I sure hope Mr Jorgenson wouldn't punch me in the gut if he saw me wandering wearing this on the street!

      @April: Me too!

      @ ElDave: I do always want to start a fight when I wear this. I think the shirt is more bad ass than I am though.

      @ indiewench: I did a lot of radio in college. I was the production director for the station for 2 years. The average dj had a two hour show once a week and a co-host. I had a solo three hour block (Wednesday midnight to 3am) and since my show was on after midnight, I could play all the swearing I wanted. I even did an 'all profanity' show once where every song had at least one swear in it. There was a running joke about whether or not I was naked in the studio or not during my show. It was a good way to get people to wonder while they tuned in. This shirt and I did spin some track s together though, most notably on one very frozen morning I started the 6am slot with "Just One Fix"... but that is a story for another time.

    5. CapwnD 60 months ago | reply

      Ironically I also used to to College Radio (WMSE) and I often played that single (I had the Box Set with the three singles and remixes) was often played on my show! Awesome Quote, William S Burroughs is really out there.

    6. weareone38 18 months ago | reply

      actually i have the original i got in 92 and the front is supposed to have a train sepiatoned and it says caseys last ride (referring to casey jones) the back has the same slogan as yers. one of the most rare shirts there are.

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