The Gathering Storm

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    This was just before the rain started. It was very dark because of the approaching storm clouds. I grabbed my camera and dashed onto the terrace. It was very windy and I found it hard to keep a steady hand on the camera. I did manage this shot and a few others.

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    1. wlotus 32 months ago

      I had never seen cloud formations like that before tonight!

    2. Harris Graber 32 months ago

      Those clouds were truly ominous, scary, mean. It will be a long time before we see their likes again.

    3. nonna m 32 months ago

      How bad was the storm? Looks scary!

    4. Harris Graber 32 months ago

      I won't know how bad it was until I go outside tomorrow. I don't think it was as bad as it could have been, at least not where I live. Nothing was blown off my terrace. That's the good news. I haven't heard of any damage from the storm. That's also good news. There was more lightning than I've seen in a while. It was non-stop across the sky. There's still a bit going on now, but it's mostly over.

    5. margotwood 32 months ago

      This is fantastic!!!

    6. Harris Graber 32 months ago

      Thank you. Those were some very scary clouds. Believe me, this photo doesn't do them justice.

    7. Goggla 32 months ago

      These were some scary clouds. I was standing on 1st Ave and 5th St when they rolled in - the street got dark and it really looked like something bad was going to happen...

    8. Harris Graber 32 months ago

      I hope you were able to get to shelter before the rain started. That was one mean thunderstorm.

    9. forever's a long time [deleted] 32 months ago

      phenomenal shot Harris!

    10. Harris Graber 32 months ago

      Thanks. The photo doesn't really capture how menacing those clouds were. Maybe it comes close, but it's not the same.

    11. r.e. ~ 32 months ago

      Beautiful capture!

    12. Harris Graber 32 months ago

      Thank you.

      I was lucky to see this in time. I was also lucky that my camera's battery wasn't dead. I accidentally had left the camera on for a couple of days. Luckily, it knows how to deal with that and shut down by itself. I was lying down not facing my window. What tipped me off was how dark it got. I was shocked when I looked out the window. My first reaction was to grab a camera and go shoot those clouds.

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    14. Harris Graber 32 months ago

      These were amazing clouds. I've been looking at other people's photos of them. They're all incredible. Check these out: (posted last night) (posted today)


    15. Lumn8tion 30 months ago

      I keep coming back to this photo I love it so much!
      Did you capture today's tornado?

    16. Harris Graber 30 months ago

      I'm happy you like this one. I'm always tempted to edit what I've already posted, this included. The clouds are just fine, though. I wouldn't want to change them at all.

      Today's tornado wasn't visible from where I am. I'm on the north end of Queens. The tornado was to the far south. That's just fine by me, too. We had very heavy rain in the morning and some wind, but no tornado.

    17. Benzadrine 21 months ago

      Hey dude, this fantastic image is up on today >>

    18. Harris Graber 21 months ago

      Thanks! I saw it. That makes two photos of mine that they've used in two days, a record for me. This was the other:

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