#FatKid Has A Posse

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    In honor of Shepard Fairey, I created this. Now, print it on some stickers and go forth & OBEY!

    To spread the word about this project, you can print these and put them where you like. Just don’t get arrested and blame me.

    And if you do get arrested for posting these somewhere, don’t call me for bail money. I’m just as broke as you are.

    And don’t sell them. I own the image. You have my permission to post this, but not to make money from it (or any variation of my Fat Kid drawings). I'm going to be selling these art projects soon anyway. There will be shirts, shoes, buttons, and all kinds of other stuff.

    **** For a free #FatKid Project sticker, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
    MonkeyMan Webpages & Design
    2255 Saint Charles Ave, #301
    New Orleans, LA 70130 USA

    Find the #FatKid Project on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FatKidProject

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