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No label on the back but the statement on the front says it all - "The people are suffering".


80'000 died instantly and in total over 230'000 died from the follow on effects and injuries.


What would posess someone to buy a postcard like this?




A series of Postcards and photographs from my Great Uncle taken at Hiroshima in late 1945 during his service with the Occupation forces.


Even now these images provide a stark reminder of the hell unleashed on that day and the power of Atomic Weapons. It would be easy to condemm Truman for unleashing this power but in war things are not always so clear cut. If images like these accomplish anything we can only hope its that this scene is never seen again.


The irony to me is the very existance of these postcards - I cant conceive of a time when someone, anyone, would want to send an image like this home to their family?


Was there a time when we were ever proud of images like these? God help us.

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Taken on March 3, 2006