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heart of gold

Gimme just one thing of beauty

To last me for all of my years

Gimme just one thing of beauty

And wash away all of my tears


I won't need to get no religion

When I throw all my burdens away

So gimme just one thing of beauty

And I'll stand at this alter and pray


Gimme one thing of beauty

I need one thing of beauty

Baby one thing of beauty


It's hard times down on the corner

Yeah, there's loneliness out on the street

I mean, everywhere you go there's someone you know

Who suffered some kind of defeat


But there's dreams being dreamed down in the doorway

Of all these places nobody goes

Yeah the ones that just so many [are] praising

They're the ones now that nobody knows


They just need one thing of beauty

Maybe one thing of beauty

They need one thing of beauty


(That's right...that's all they need)


You can keep every diamond and ruby

You can forget all those pharaohs and kings

Gimme just one thing of beauty

Take away all these material things


Gimme one thing of beauty

Since it all turns to ashes and dust

Gimme one thing of beauty

Yeah, the rest of you can do what you must


But I need.... (Chorus)


There's hard times...

There's loneliness down on the street

But all we need is just one thing....


When you go way down

You're looking for one thing....


Mac Cohn – One Thing of Beauty


It’s Roma Street Parklands on a wet and overcast Tuesday morning before starting a long late shift.. I’ve got the hang of the 300mm lens now as the old glass comes back to the memory of the hand and the weight and hand polished old fashioned workmanship reminds me of a former life I wish I still had sometimes forgetting the crap cattle calls and press releases. This is me with my first Pentax, Manual everthing focus works better and this is super crisp.

Natural sunlight at f 8.0 in EV, Cropped and contrast adjustment to boost the light a little but this is pretty much the way it came out of the camera right here; no adjustments.

Just a simple moment of beauty to dance to alone in your heart


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Taken on February 21, 2006