from a window
I do not drive. When I was a youngster, living on Mainland Orkney, my family had an ex-MOD Landrover. Eleven seats meant I could not drive it until I was 21, by which time we had left the islands and I was living in a city. I spent most of the next fifteen years in one city or another, with public transport at hand. I never learnt to drive in those cities, why would I bother?

Then there reached a point where I realised I did not want to learn, at least not in this country. I am sure I will talk about this at another time, but I am not keen on the way many people seem to think owning a car is essential. I live in the farthest corner of the UK, but I don't begrudge not driving.

This means, of course, that I am always the passenger when I am in a car. This has given me the opportunity to take photos whilst on the move, photos from windows, whether car or train, are an interesting proposition. They are often blurred, your subject can be obscured by a sudden hedge or car. Sometimes a window is filthy.

But all these things add to an interesting composition. They capture a movement, a moment in a journey. I like that idea. Here are a few (from the hundreds) to share.
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