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Stupid 3 | by Mommyof4Ruggies
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Stupid 3

***Here is the story behind these photos***


My family (husband, 16 month old daughter, Mom, 1 brother & 1 sister & I) went to the Colombia Park, first time I’ve felt well enough to do anything in quite some time. Anyway, we are at the family fishing pond when we see 4 boys (2 of them swimming in the pond) Didn’t think anything about it, then walked over the little green bridge to the top walking path to take a walk. My husband goes down to the dock for a look see when one of the boys decides to ask my husband if he wants to watch him commit suicide. My husband gives him a mean look and says “NO”… and walks up toward us. He then tells us what the boys said so all of us had to look down at them because we don’t take that word “Suicide” lightly. Next thing we know, someone is binding one of the boy’s with shoe laces, puts something white over his head & pushes his in the water. By now, my Mom & sister (13 year old Connie) are freaking OUT. We watch for a little bit & see the boy come up. Now we thought that was going the be the last time they try that, boy were we wrong!!! They do it again, binding hands, then tying it to the feet to get pushed in again, w/o the white (which we found out later was a T-shirt) thing on his head. What should we do next, after seeing them do this for 10 min. We called 911... Told them everything that was going on, I have PHOTOS as proof. So the send not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 of Kennewick’s finest over to have a look see. They yell at 1 of the boys as one of them sneaks off to call MOM or delete photos (we also noticed them taking photos on their cell phone to document their stupidity) The officer’s yelled for a little while then left. Mind you, we stayed around incase they wanted to see my photos I took. They went to their cop cars and started talking, didn’t walk over to us to ask us anything, so we decided to leave. We walked past them, asked if they wanted to talk to us, they said no. I said my Dad is a retired police officer so I don’t that this kind of thing lightly when the officers started making jokes about the situation. I was PISSED!!!! I felt like I was in the wrong for even calling. You know what’s bad. After the officers left, they went right back to doing it, AGAIN!!! I told my husband, well, if one of them dies, I have proof of everything the cops didn’t take seriously. Makes me afraid of calling the police again.


I have more to post.

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Uploaded on August 12, 2007