Crochet - Earred Hats
I make all sorts of funky and fun hats. And just about any kind of ear you can imagine, I've put on a hat. My hats have become popular on the ski slopes and popular enough now for people to copy them. (sigh) Oh well.

But the main difference with my hats, besides being crocheted, is that there is a lot more yarn in them, and the quality of the yarn is much higher, than what most people are willing to 1) work with and 2) spend money on the materials for.

I also specialize in the ultimate of soft fibers. People want to pet my work all the time, because, yes -REALLY - it is that soft! I use both natural and micro-fibers. Many of my customers are allergic to animals, and micro-fiber technology has really come along in today's world. It is actually possible to have something nearly as soft as pashmina or baby alpaca at a fraction of the cost and without the delicate upkeep.

When it comes to the quality of materials in my work, my skeins generally cost *me* anywhere on average from $5 to $25 each. These are not yarns you can buy at Wally World. Most every hat has a minimum of 3 yarns in it, though a handful have two if the yarns are already a ply. My scarves and shawls generally have anywhere up to 10-15 types of fibers in them, depending on what I am doing.

I often hand ply my own yarns when I can't find exactly the right colors or tectures I want in a look as well.
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