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Tapestry Crochet - Leaping Dear - 5' square2 | by Aberrant Crochet & Pixie Worx!
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Tapestry Crochet - Leaping Dear - 5' square2

An Aberrant Crochet Project: My 5 foot square tapestry crochet piece on display at the Lockhart Rites of Spring Art Show 2008. It was a gift for my mother-in-law.


This was an on going project that began in 1998. Yes, I worked on this project off and on over the course of around a decade. I began it just before my oldest daughter turned one, thinking I could knock it out in a month as an anniversary gift to my in-laws. My MIL had just gotten a new couch she was proud of and these are complimentary colors from that couch.


Luckily, I never told her I was making her this. It was not the easiest piece to do and I frogged it many times in many stages and over 10 times just to get the bottom border right before continuing on. Initially I was going to use three colors, but didn’t like the “cartoon” effect it gave, so went with two.


I’d never heard of tapestry crochet back then. As I shared with peers before, many times I’ve figured out something on my own that I thought I was the only one doing it. Only to find out years later I wasn’t so unique. Anyway…. So I came up with doing a crochet design with a chart the way tapestry crochet is done, or basically anyway. Truth is, even this is not quite tapestry crochet, or so I've been told. Technically, the way I made this is through a combination of techniques, including possibly faire isle. To me the skills all fall into the same bucket, even if I did not follow all the "rules" on exactly how tapestry crochet is supposedly created.


At the time, I had been experimenting with Celtic knot-work in a style similar to what is now known as tapestry crochet. And later found a chart of this leaping deer, out of a book called “Enchanted Knitting,” of charts based on ancient designs. This leaping deer chart was based off a design found on a mummy’s tattoo and was originally meant to be used for a machine knit hat. The chart design itself is fairly small and lended best to knit stitches. But I wanted something much larger.


Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool looking and combined it with some Celtic knotwork chart designs that I modified slightly. I had to make alterations to some stitches for it to look right in crochet as well. This was the outcome.


Though there were times I didn't want to touch this project, and had my doubts as to how it would turn out, I feel much better about it now that it is done. And it did turn out looking great!


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Taken on March 28, 2008