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"Let's See Where This Leads"

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Let's head back to Katmai National Park to see what was going on there during our visit......


This year, since we visited Katmai a few weeks earlier than last year, the salmon run hadn't begun yet in the rivers of Katmai, so most of the brown bears were out grazing in the open grassy spaces. Once we arrived to their home, we found about 20 bears roaming freely as they went about their daily feeding regimen. I'm sure that they took notice of our presence, but didn't matter to them that we were visiting with them, for they hardly missed a beat.


These were mainly young adult bears, probably 5-6 years old, and just as adults at that comparable age, they didn't have much to worry about - not a care in the world. Bears very much follow a hierarchy amongst the group and these bears were pretty much social to each other.... some more than others..... for it was the equivalent of "springtime" for them, which means that love was in the air....LOL.


In this image, these young bears were, I think, involved in some type of courtship ritual. See, the bears would pass close together, rub each other's necks together, play, give the appropriate bear signals, and initiate attempts to "make more bears", but the actual deed, I don't think was ever completed while we were there. It was quite interesting to observe though. I have to laugh, because I found myself rooting for the male in his attempt to "convince" the female - for photography's sake, of course! LOL


Yes, it was quite entertaining to sit back and watch.... nature at it's best!


Thanks for stopping by to view and especially for all of your comments. More to come in the upcoming week!

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Taken on June 26, 2011