DIY iPhone Wood+Leather case
I've been cursing myself the whole tonight not bringing home my MacBook power adaptor so I left my work half done running out of battery. But then it gave me some "free" time to update something here on my home computer.

I've been WhatsApping quite a lot lately in Chinese so a stylus is needed to give me more natural handwriting gesture. Loving my eWood iPhone case I thought of how to add a pen holder to the wooden case using my limited leather craft skills, so here it is, a half DIY wood+leather iPhone case holding a stylus I converted from a Midori brass pen, with cover.

It was a tiny project I enjoyed a lot. I mean there are some iPhone cases out there with built-in stylus (remember Newton?) but they are so ugly I figured I could do something about it for myself. Most interestingly I found that my Elago stylus tip can actually fit right into a Midori brass ball pen's bullet head! So like most of my business situations, when most of the elements are mature enough, the only obstacle is the will power to consolidate and execute.

I spent long hours to think of how to use just one piece of leather to make the pen loop, attach to the wooden case and warp itself up to become a cover. The elastic band enclosure is a final touch I am pleased with.

Again, I enjoyed a lot of the thought process and preparation, to please myself aesthetically and meditatively. I encourage you to think more of and identify your needs, acquire the necessary skills, break the final obstacles with perseverance, for work and for life. I learned a lot and I hope you will too.

Check out the full Flickr set of this DIY case.

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