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A truly great man passed away tonight, his silent teachings burned into my soul; Compromises and mediocrity I will fight, to make honorable stories worth be told.

Something Unreal


Please let me express my deepest gratitude to all of you who have been all along the journey of my Dad's peaceful passing. I have to assure you that, even though my Dad never knew about your prayers, since the day I released Chronodex honoring his inspirations given to me, the blessings and prayers did somehow made things easier, for him and for the family. He left us peacefully with all family members around him, my mom's caresses on his chin, my brother holding his hand, me warming his forehead from the coldness of the oxygen mask. Thank you very much indeed!


(3D rendering of how we would setup the table of our last offering of food he loved)


According to Chinese culture, the person passed away would come back to his home on 7th day to check up his family. That's when we had to setup a table in the living room offering food he loved, the food was also an offering for the Ox Head (牛頭) and Horse face (馬面) whom brought the lost soul to the right place at the right time.


We also had to fill up our rice container, so that when he came back and check the container by his hand, he would know we had enough and feel ready to leave us behind and pass on to the next realm. Dad was to come back 11pm - 1am and leave between 1am - 3am. Mom was supposed to stay in her room not coming out to the living room, otherwise, according to tradition, Dad would see her and miss the family so much he wouldn't want to leave.


Mom was nervous and really wanted him to feel comfortable to go. She knew she wouldn't be able to sleep well, so she set her alarm to 3am, that's the time when Dad was supposed to have left and she had to tidy up the living room by throwing everything away.


She woke at midnight, checked the clock, went back to sleep. Woke again at 2am, still not the time yet to clean up, she went back to sleep. The next became interesting. She was sleeping like a kitten and when she woke up hearing the early tram line and people's chattering, it was already 5am in the morning as read by the clock. Then she cleaned up the living room only to realize that there was no signs of Dad's visit (otherwise he would've left his hand mark on the rice in the container), but it was already 6am in all other clocks.


She didn't realize until I told her "Mom! Dad came to see you, he didn't want to scare you by leaving any mark on the rice container. Instead, he stopped your alarm clock for 1 hour so that you could sleep like a kitten. It was his way to take care of you. So don't worry, he came and he is content to go to the next realm"


It was a tremendous relieve when she heard my explanation. It is the greatest love story I've ever known.


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Taken on January 31, 2013