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Contemplating a Scription event concept in Tokyo in July (Russian watch, TN, Voigtlander, leathercraft) | by Patrick Ng
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Contemplating a Scription event concept in Tokyo in July (Russian watch, TN, Voigtlander, leathercraft)

Only You Can Figure It Out


Today I brought a young visiting couple from Shanghai to see my version of the world in this tiny little city of Hong Kong. They were not looking for comfort, they were not rushing, they were curious. So I had the freedom to show them around not worrying too much whether they like it or not. Imagine you had those young minds regardless of your age, you will have no shortage of teachers.


I was hauling 3 analogue cameras trying to spend all the films left in them, it was great fun, plain shooting at anything as I pleased. At the back of my mind, there was this phone call from Mom being nervous about Dad's condition, whom called my name in bed with huge discomforts in the afternoon. On my left shoulder, a camera bag from Korea I was testing, compact and light at relatively low price. Bringing friends to shops I know, chatting with owners and telling stories, finding pleasures in every turn of events. Finding tiny pleasures while I can, that's probably the single most important constant I can find in life.


Don't look down at them tiny pleasures, they always show you something beautiful. When you taste that delicious feedback loop, you will never quit. No matter how bad a trade show would look, I keep walking, and walking and telling myself "that's not it!" until I found something interesting or somebody worth chatting to. Next week it is going to be a Taiwan trip, let's see what whom I'll meet or what I'll find.


The secret of a balanced life? There is no balanced life I figured, there is just constants, which ones you hold onto, it is just up to you. Again, City Slickers quote "just one thing, you stick to it and the rest don't mean shit… that's what you have to find out."


A short time to regroup your thinking (Feb, Tokyo)


A beam of warm sunlight and fresh air from outside of an airport (Feb, Tokyo)


A burst of inspirations from objects (Feb, Tokyo)


A sense of peace at your desk (Feb, Hong Kong)


A glimpse of people's lives from photos (Feb, Tokyo)


That's all. Tiny pleasures.


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Uploaded on February 13, 2012