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Impulsive collecting scissors, this one has very poor coating

I don't know about you but I simply don't have the luxury to sleep much, life is too short I think I'm using up my time fast in this life. Dad is getting better in hospital despite tons of worries in the past few weeks, my team at work is somehow mad at me for reasons I can't quite comprehend, Xmas biggest season for our retail chain is kind of stressful, etc etc. But all these don't stop me at all to discover more.


I had a few hours of free time the last weekend and dropped by this very nice vintage shop called nLostnFound. The owner Shirley opened the shop 2 years ago and has been traveling to collect interesting vintage stuffs for her shop. We had a short conversation but I will definitely going back to interview her soon. If you happen to drop by Hong Kong, do visit her shop and bring her anything owl related, it is her passion to collect owl vintage stuffs. Do explore that area coz it is a new hip area full of gallery, select shops, and cafe/bar. Some of the great shops there are Kapok, Monocle.


I got this cool corkscrew in the form of a huge key from nLostnFound. Shirley was honest and kind enough to tell me that it is not really a genuine "1960's Germany vintage corkscrew", which I figured ahead from the replica features :)


Back two weeks earlier traveling in Shanghai, I found some nice stuffs. Some of which was these washable kraft paper made pockets and document holders, durable and tough as your jean label/tag.


I also got a nice pair of scissors (I'm somehow collecting interesting scissors) at RMB 45. It was labelled "Paris Church" but eventually I figured it doesn't resemble any of the Paris churches I found. Moreover, the so called "stainless steel with titanium coating" is totally unacceptable. Titanium or not it doesn't matter, the coating just came off pretty fast and every time I use the scissors my hand stinks. Poor China products, sigh.


Here's something I'm proud of. It was not about winning the Best Pilot Award AND the Best Design Paper Airplane Award for my kid. It was a paper plane (I love paper you know) flying competition in his school and I was determined to make him proud of something. So I Googled for supreme paper plane designs and found nothing interesting except one guide, The Paper Pilot, which costed US$8.95. No regret for such purchase, it was a great guide and we won. The reason I'm proud of? My kid is proud of himself and his Dad :)


I don't know what the hack is that thing, but all of a sudden there are tiny caterpillars living on my wall, what are they? Tell me if you know.


UNI from Japan just released new versions of their StyleFit pen barrels, absolutely lovely designs on the barrels. I feel the sweetness already when I see them in person. There are chocolate and ice-cream versions and I'm trying to put them in our stores soon.


Now here comes a very delayed package by post. A dear old friend (by old I mean Scription's oldest reader Colin from Margate UK, 83 I assumed?) sent me this package months ago and it never arrived until a few days ago. It was battered but I just love how it looks, handwritten, properly stamped and … battered. Thanks to him, I got to read with my kid the letter he sent to him. Lovely mail and I learned a lot more about his life adventures and Margate. I hope I can meet him someday soon before he meet our dear Father (Sorry Colin, no offense), too bad my 2012 trip plan doesn't include UK. Do check out Colin's new blog adventure.


Lastly, I promoted my Chronodex weekly planner for 2012 on Fountain Pen Network and seems like I've found new acquaintances. An update of my bookmark idea, instead of having the bookmark in rectangular format in previous post, I trimmed off excessive part and it helps to reveal the content beneath. If you wonder about the pens, they are made by Kaweco, the black on here is a new Kaweco AL Sport Touch, ball point at one end, stylus at the other. I'm happy there are people out there perfecting their own life by sharing.


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