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Customized Diary Cover

Scription Chronodex Weekly Planner 2012 - free download with the cost of a prayer



Finally made up my mind to create my own diary for 2012 a week ago, here I go sharing with you all! But first please give me a little support, my Dad recovered from prostate cancer but at the same time developed Parkinson's disease a few years ago. In the past week he has deteriorated a lot, bed bound finally, no more speech, I'm the last person he can recognize. It is so tough for Mom as a care taker. All I ask for is your sincere prayers, as you download this creation, for my Dad and Mom, so that he can go peacefully proud of his sons, and she can start to explore this new world with us. What a courageous woman she is.




Thanks to my Dad's dedication to Chinese painting and art, I had my implicit training early in life and became a visual person yet unafraid to look deep into the subject matters. For years, I bought diaries but none of them satisfied my visual and creative needs.




Since the beginning of the diary making business, every single diary is made by representing time in fixed grids. To challenge this right representation, after exploring in deep thoughts the essence of my own perfect diary, I present to you my Chronodex idea.


Come to think of it, the paper which makes up a diary originated from trees, when the sheets of paper are bound together in the middle, it is almost like foliages stemming from a tree's trunk. Each page is like a branch, each opened page is a week, each day is like a beautiful flower grew from that page, consist of petals of your day's time slices.


You may argue that this format is still slicing time into blocks and far from the fractal nature, but soon as you start using it, you will find that time is no longer right, instead you will find fluidity through free notations.


The more important time slices can be drawn larger, activities can be dots or pies (petals if you will) depending on duration or importance, space on a page is no longer limited to grids. Basically you can roam freely and be amazed how beautiful your week can be.


What's more is that your mind gradually deviate from the rigid format a typical diary imposes on you, reactivity soon flourishes. Imagine the effect happening in weeks! And I'm not kidding.




Scription Chronodex Weekly Planner 2012 (Jan - Jun) Download

(just remember to pray for my Dad and Mom, sincerely)

It is done with the Midori Traveler's Notebook size in mind, even if you don't own a Traveler's Notebook, you can still use it without the leather cover.

Hong Kong Holiday version

Japanese Holiday version

Free of Holidays version


To grow your own diary, after downloading the PDF version of your choice, print it out double sided (duplex) in landscape mode on A4 papers. Be sure to print it out 100% without scale, left/right binding (try the first few pages on your printer and settings and you'll see what I mean). Check the sequence after the print out.






Next, cut away the left and right portion of the A4 paper according to the cut line.





Now here's the interesting part of the binding. Use a chisel to punch holes on both ends of the spine and stitch the pages up. You can staple them together just the same. This method will get you a bound notebook but ready for a cool bookmark which I will mention in a moment.








To create a bookmark, simple take a piece of hard paper, cut it the way I showed above. Slide it between the papers of the current week, the slide 90 degree up following the spine to have the tab exposed on top of the diary (I hope I'm describing it right). There you go! a bookmark with a tab extruding from the top of your diary.


This cool bookmark invention based on the way you bind your diary is so useful and flexible, you will find it amazing when you reach the 12th week of the year! Tell me about that in a few months.




The last part of my Chronodex journey was to make a cool diary cover. Thanks for my family's tolerance, I had a little free time in broad daylight having fun doing it, 2 cups of coffee, listening to audiobook through my iPhone/Jambox combo.




Small features are infused into the diary, I hope you will enjoy the little tibits, do explore the "Boarding pass to success" idea. If you are interested, I will be sharing the July - December version, which is still in stage zero. Fellow Scription reader Boris from Russia already had a taste of the Chronodex, so go ahead and try yours. Your feedback and comment is what keeps me going, please do pray.


More on Scription blog: scription.typepad.com/blog/2011/11/scription-chronodex-we...

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