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Ok so it is official and I can tell you now, #Lomo sardine camera!

I didn't plan to write anything about it, lots of family stuffs going on and work has never been busier. But I really want to tell you this in a few quick points. I love this camera a lot because it simply is the best built plastic camera from Lomo ever!


When I first heard about it, it was just a word "Sardine". My imagination went wild and I got all excited. To stay calm I told myself that I didn't like my Diana and Diana mini, what features in this new "Sardine" camera would make me love it? It could just be a fancy gimmicky plastic thing.


The funny thing is, when I got back home I couldn't help brought out a Sardine tin and put a Diana lens on it, I looked and looked and thought it was so cute.


Then I saw the real thing a week or two ago. Not disappointed (and that's very important for Lomo right now coz many of us got bored with plastic cameras). It feels really solid but not heavy, wish it were made in tin/metal which gives you a worn out look after using it for some time, but I'm totally happy with it. It almost gives you the feeling that something is inside, you want to open it, not like Dianas which you are sure there is just emptiness inside :)


Here's a few more reasons why I love it:

Attractive color printing on the camera surface, yes I think the printing is quite durable

Thoughtful little printed text on the lens ring "only shoot if you can read me!" to remind you the importance of good lighting

Very good looking flash unit, which has 3 strength settings to choose from. That is if you shoot a close subject, you can choose a weaker flash setting. Strange that it uses CR123A battery which is a bit difficult to find here.

It stands! I don't know why, but I feel Diana and mini are very unstable persons, which make me nervous somehow. Sardine stands firmly even with the flash attached to the left, has to do with its low center of gravity I guess.

Universal cable release socket. Yup, I hate Diana's way of handling long exposure.

MX switch for double exposure.


One thing I don't like about Sardine: It is such a good looking camera to carry on your neck but you can't add a strap to it! Now I don't get to enjoy the showing off part of owning a Lomo camera, damn!


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Uploaded on June 16, 2011