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We Had No Idea What Was Precious


I feel terribly proud to live and be born in this magic place called Hong Kong. The hub of many things, the opportunities it unveils, the speed and flexibility it embraces…. . In the movie The Book of Eli, Danzel Washington acting as Eli said to a young woman "People had more than they needed, we had no idea what was precious or wasn't, we threw away things people would kill each other for now."


We are definitely in the era of abundance now. We have things people before us (and after?) would be in awe of. That's how treasurable these "things" are. Well, refrained myself from being too far away in thoughts, here's what I got earlier this month from small shops here in Hong Kong: Waxed nylon thread @HK$50, leather buttons HK$63, Mink oil HK$36, metal rings HK$26.


The other stuffs I got earlier are just around HK$10 each. Thank you for letting me to live in this time and this place.


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Uploaded on November 20, 2010