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Somebody is obsessed with my son's gardening project, while I am obsessed with Dymoing

Sometimes getting involved in your own way is a lot of fun. My son's school project required him to pick a plant, grow a pot and submit a report. Without knowing it, he chose the most difficult plant, Chinese Cabbage. We found that the seeds his school provided had a 99% failure rate. So his mom took him to a gardening shop to get replacement seeds, next, all hell broke loose.


In addition the Chinese Cabbage, we now have Baby Carrot, Thyme, Perilla, Peppermint, Parsley …, pots all over the place. I was growing things like crazy back in University, weeds excluded, but this time it was my wife's turn. Eventually, she made a great report out of it. The part I played was to label all the pots with Dymo tapes. I also put my son's tiny dinosaurs in the pot and added a few model trees to create a scene for the report :)


Another project we did in November was to create a recipe book and send in a report. This round we chose a dish passed down from my father. It is called "Sliced Noodle" (搣麵). My father learned this from his Northern China friends, the texture is really great and easy to make. We had so much fun doing it. I decided that the content is too good to be just some print-outs on A4 papers. So KOLO's Amelia photo album was used.


Time with family is a rarity all working parents face. I'm glad we made it, from small chunks of time. Like how we make the "Sliced Noodle", one piece at a time and be there means a lot.


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Uploaded on October 19, 2010