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Teens Make History (TMH) is an award-winning work-based learning program that encourages students to develop key professional skills, build self-confidence, and explore the complexities of history. The program began in 2007 with four students who created high-quality museum theater pieces. Today, the program serves nearly fifty local students each year and has expanded to include other areas of museum work. Students must now first complete the TMH Academy, an eight-week introductory museum studies workshop, before they may apply for one of the paid, long-term apprenticeships in TMH. Apprentices complete real work projects as a member of either the TMH Players—the group that continues to research, write, and perform plays—or the TMH Exhibitors—a group that conducts exhibition projects, including oral history interviews. Through their projects, teens learn skills such as accountability, teamwork, time management, written and spoken communication skills, and responsibility—skills that the U.S. Department of Labor has identified as necessary to workplace success.
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