Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge Opening Ceremony
We are excited to have this
landmark project completed and ready
to open to traffi c tomorrow. It creates a grand new entryway into the region and complements the area’s showcase feature,the Gateway Arch.
A project of this magnitude couldn’t be completed without a great partnership, and we have had that on the Mississippi River Bridge project. In
February 2008, Missouri and Illinois signed the agreement that would lead to the Mississippi River Bridge project and the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge. Two states,two counties, five cities, hundreds of workers and dozens of contractors worked together to bring this landmark bridge from design to completion in less than six years.That great partnership has resulted in some fantastic accomplishments –
most importantly that the overall project -- $695 million in work – was
completed on time and under budget. The Stan Musial Veterans Memorial
Bridge portion of the project -- $229.5 million of that $695 million – was
also under budget. That is unprecedented for a project of this size in a river as challenging as the mighty Mississippi.This project was a bridge to diversity as well. Nearly one-quarter of the hours spent constructing the project were completed by minority tradesworkers. Female workers completed almost six percent of the hours worked on the project. More than $110 million in subcontracts went to minority owned businesses. We are proud of these numbers and proud of the efforts by all involved, including all our contractors, our other minority partners and the men and women who worked on the bridge and associated projects in
both states.
By the Numbers
43 hours for the longest continuous concrete pour
400 - height of the towers above the river
136 white conduits on the bridge containing cable
2 lanes in each direction; able to be striped to three in the future
2,000 people attended public tours for the new bridge over the
past three years
37 construction projects awarded to complete the new Mississippi
River Bridge project
32 projects awarded in Illinois
5 projects awarded in Missouri
3 on-line construction cameras on the project
88 feet - width of the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge
2 million pounds of reinforcing steel in each foundation block
2,200 tons of reinforcing steel in each tower
8,000 cubic yards of concrete in each tower - enough to fi ll 1,000
concrete trucks
1,500 feet between the two towers on the bridge
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