Dirt Jumping
Date: 17th Jan 2009
Location: Chandapura and Off Sarjapur Road
Crazy Chaps:
Ravi, Sukhdev, Nelly, Sharath, Sree, Vinay, Dev, Joy, Suresh, Naveen and Me
Support: Pradeep and Vasu
Official Photographer: Abhi
Unofficial Photographers: Nelly, Vasu, Sree and Me.
Camera Equipment: Canon EOS 350D, Nikon D80, Sony DVD805E with tripod.

The turn out for this one was great.
First We went towards chandapura side to do some jumps near a lake bed but it was filled with water and then later on we guys went to the place where i had been twice. Its a single lane which had three jumps and the second one was the best jump, its just off a farm land. It was fun, pradeep and vasu also joined us on their moterbikes and later even Abhi showed up....it was a great turn out and everyone learnt what dirt jumping is all about. Just cant wait to go back into those woods again.

Pictures clicked by Modi, Vasu, Nelly and Avundi

Wiki: notebook.bumsonthesaddle.com/extreme-biking

-cheers modi
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