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Kiwi Slang - On The Turps | by Mode de vie NZ
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Kiwi Slang - On The Turps

Kiwi Slang - On The Turps


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Consuming alcohol in large quantities is known as getting on the turps or turpentine. Inebriated, intoxicated, excessive and binge drinking.


Kiwis are a nation of drinkers. We love our top-quality wines and our craft beers. Summer is a time for a crisp sauvignon blanc or a tasty cold bevvy. We like a few drinks but unfortunately that sometimes leads to more and more and before you know it we are past the point of return. When you drink alcohol in rather large quantities it is known as getting on the turps.


If you go to the pub and get on the turps you are partaking in drinking and quite often it will be heavy drinking. The kiwi slang term, on the turps was used in its early days by referring to drinking spirits such as rum or gin. It has morphed in modern times to any kind of alcoholic drink, especially beer and wine. This phrase means inebriated and getting drunk from being on the turps or 'turpentine'.


Turps is the shortened version of turpentine and was recorded as drinking alcholic liquor to excess. It refers to the use of spirits such as methylated spirits for on the street, homeless alcoholics and turps as in turpentine.


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Uploaded on November 20, 2020