Rebel Goes Berlin - Exhibition
At the family and friends private opening of the Rebel Offices in Berlin, guests were treated to a rare glimpse of works collected by Modart Magazine, featuring outsider artists that Rebel supported before the rest of the world was ready for it.

Artwork included pieces from artists like Jim Avignon, Blu, Jeroen Jongeleen (Influenza) Stephen Smith (Neasden Control Centre), Will Barras (Scrawl Collective/No New Enemies), Tim Biskup, Stefan Strumbel and others who have gone on to influence the future of art and culture, moving from low to high and sweating out a legacy that only looks like it appeared overnight.

After a brief introduction to the work from the Modart crew, things were predictable in the only way that Rebel ever is: they rocked and rolled as people stuck around until the sun rose, the music stopped and the generous bar was empty.

There is a tremble in Berlin and it just began spreading from the new Rebel Offices.

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