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    Brooks Saddle + Walnut Custom Grips
    Panasonic GF1 m4/3 + Nikkor 105mm f/1.8

    P.S. This is a jpg I uploaded from home. I will upload a better version monday but didn't want to make you all wait to see the complete ride today! Thanks for looking!

    "Thanks for the swell bike. On leaving your shop I rode down the alley, took a right and marched uphill to 3rd Ave. no problemo. Unthinkable on my previous bike. It seems to move along quite nicely with not much help from me." -Ken

    Beauty can be found by looking | grain. | mobius

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    1. ibikenz 26 months ago | reply

      I was staring at this photo thinking “man, I’d love a custom frame like that one day” when it started to look a little familiar and I realized it was a Cross-Check like the one hanging in my garage!

      Is the steerer that long or is there some kind of extender used to get the stem up that high?

    2. mobius cycle 26 months ago | reply

      Haha! Yeah. Surly does make a decent frame for what this project had in mind. Like every mobius build, this is a custom one off dream bike of the person it was built for. Ken wanted lots of rise so we left the steerer tube long for him. The standover height is perfect. The toptube length is right for him as well. And since this is that dream cruiser, I agreed that an upright seating position would work fine. I told him someday he'd want to replace the frame with a custom R + E Rodriguez with the longer headtube solution they use for rise like that. I see bicycles as a parts group, a frame/fork, and a wheelset. Either component is interchangeable or upgradable as long as there is combatibility. We went for broke on parts and wheels, leaving room for further improvement in the frame if we ever even need to change anything ;)

    3. ibikenz 26 months ago | reply

      My frame is a 62cm so I have a lot less steerer to work with.

    4. mobius cycle 26 months ago | reply

      I bet. If you want to upgrade R + E in Seattle does a great long headtube, extending past the toptube...

    5. ndh 26 months ago | reply

      Fancy Dancer is a beautiful bike indeed.

    6. snapgate 26 months ago | reply

      How did you fit a hub gear on horizontal dropouts? Did you use an eccentric bb?

    7. literal_lee 26 months ago | reply

      I dont see any horizontal dropouts, but I do see what I would normally consider to be a whacky looking steer tube extension- but on this bike it just seems to look right,,, IDK, maybe its the matching reveal to the seatpost and parallelness between them both too. . I guess if the pilot isn't stacked like Mr Clean its going to be A-ok.

      BTW, amazing cruiser, even Pee Wee would be jealous

    8. mobius cycle 26 months ago | reply

      Just like all the bikes at mobius, this is full custom. The rider had me add spacers until he was happy. We took our time and then I ordered large spacers to handle the extension. You should see him on it. It's perfect.

    9. mobius cycle 26 months ago | reply

      The dropouts are horizontal. It was a good fit. Try the rear wheel photo for detail.

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