Running Wild (No Short Cuts)

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    Running Wild (No Short Cuts) is a project by Kerry Morrison that examines our reaction to the landscape. In 3 parks across Liverpool, normally manicured grass or lawn areas have been allowed to grow wild. Local authorities are having to make cuts everywhere and, ironically, in some areas, that includes grass cutting, which in turn is producing more natural wildlife.

    This is (was) the bowling green in Princes Park. It's a subtle project, but one which I think could generate some interesting debate. I like it.

    1. the underlord 33 months ago | reply

      I like it too. I got a few shots of alpine meadows on our recent trip. Some were totally natural whilst others were managed. I prefer it to clipped lawns.

    2. ǝɹɐɥoʎpuɐ 33 months ago | reply

      there are some fantastic wild areas in the city. Two summers ago I stopped to look at the empty site next to what's now Tribeca on Smithdown Road. I began to realise that I'd never seen such an enormous diversity of plants in such a small place. And flowers of every hue. The whole thing was literally buzzing with life, it was fabulous - and all on a main road. The other aspects of the project sound interesting too

    3. mobilevirgin 33 months ago | reply

      Thanks, guys. Much appreciated. It's cool that people engage with stuff like this.

    4. Ian Murren 33 months ago | reply

      Couple of the parks in Crosby are doing the same while still cutting the grass but leaving areas to grow and encourage wild flowers and hopefully wild animals to thrive.

      Forefield Infant School has also done the same with its playing field- (thank heavens that hasn't been sold off for housing) -leaving sections to grow wild, along with planting a large number of shrubs.

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