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Park Retiro. Madrid | by Mobilephotos@heidenstrom
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Park Retiro. Madrid

Big, big, big and nice nice park.


Bjorn @heidenstrom


Wiki says:


Features of the ParkClose to the northern entrance of the park is the

Estanque del Retiro ("Retiro Pond"), a large artificial pond. Next to

it is the monument to King Alfonso XII, featuring a semicircular

colonnade and an equestrian statue of the monarch on the top of a tall

central core.


The Rosaleda rose garden. Among the many rose bushes of all kinds

stands the Fountain of the Falling Angel, erected in 1922, whose main

sculpture El Angel Caído (at the top) is a work by Ricardo Bellver

(1845–1924) inspired by a passage from John Milton's Paradise Lost,[3]

which represents Lucifer falling from Heaven. It is claimed that this

statue is the only known public monument of the devil.[by whom?]


The few remaining buildings of the Buen Retiro Palace, including Casón

del Buen Retiro and the Museo del Ejército, now house museum

collections. The Casón has a collection of 19th and 20th century

paintings, including art by the Spanish painter Joaquín Sorolla. The

Ejército is one of Spain's foremost Army museums and it houses "La

Tizona" the sword of the famous Spanish warrior El Cid. There are

displays of armor, a cross carried by Christopher Columbus on his sea

voyage to the New World and other artifacts.


Since assuming its role as a public park the late 19th century, the

"Parque del Retiro" has been used as avenue for various international

exhibitions. Several emblematic buildings have remained as testimony

to such events, including the Minig building, popularly known as the

Velázquez Palace (1884) by architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco, and the

Palacio de Cristal ("Crystal Palace"), a glass pavilion inspired by

The Crystal Palace in London, undoubtedly the gardens' most

extraordinary building. Built along with its artificial pond in 1887

by architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco for the Philippine Islands

Exhibitions, it was first used to display flower species indigenous to

the islands. The landscape-style gardens located in the former "Campo

Grande" are also a reminder of the international exhibitions that have

taken place here in the past.


The Paseo de la Argentina, also popularly known as Paseo de las

Estatuas ("Statue Walk"), is decorated with some of the statues of

kings from the Royal Palace from the Royal Palace, sculpted between

1750 and 1753.


There are now art galleries in the Crystal Palace, Palacio de

Velázquez, and Casa de Vacas.


In the Retiro Park is also the Forest of the Departed (Bosque de los

Ausentes), a memorial monument to commemorate the 191 victims of the

11 March 2004 Madrid attacks.


[edit] ActivitiesFrom late May through early October,[4] every Sunday

at midday, the Banda Sinfónica de Madrid gives free concerts from the

bandstand in the park near the Calle d'Alcala. Manuel Lillo Torregrosa

composed 'Kiosko del Retiro' to this bandstand.


The Park also features an annual Book Fair.


Around the lake, Retiro Pond, many puppet shows perform, and all

manner of street performers and fortune tellers. Rowboats can be

rented to paddle about the Estanque, and horse-drawn carriages are


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Taken on April 10, 2011