The Dandy Trail
As the Good Roads movement took hold in the 1910s, the Hoosier Motor Club laid out a trail around Marion County, Indiana called the Dandy Trail. As best as I can tell, it was meant to be a pleasant motor excursion around the outskirts of Indianapolis. These scans of glass negatives are scenes from the trail. I'd guess 1910s for these images as glass negatives were falling out of favor by the 1920s. The Indiana State Library has a 1921 map of the Dandy Trail in its collection, and from it I know that almost all of what was the Dandy Trail still exists as streets in Indianapolis, except for a portion that now rests under the Eagle Creek Reservoir. I'm told that when the reservoir's water levels are low, an old bridge from the Dandy Trail becomes visible.

Scans by Heritage Photo and Research Services,
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