Only You 2.0 project
Cheshire Campus hosted a dynamic Gamelan/Dub step Composer in Residency funded by Arts Council England between May 24 and June 4. Composer in Residence, Dr Ornette D Clennon, who is also a lecturer in the Contemporary Arts Department, is writing a piece called Only You 2.0 that is to be workshoped and performed by members of the Halle Orchestra's electro ensemble; Aeleotronic, the exciting London-based vocal ensemble; Electric Voice Theatre, led by the internationally reknowned vocalist Frances Lynch, live electronics and a gamelan orchestra directed by Dr Rachel Swindells, MMU's resident gamelan specialist who also researches the well-being effects of gamelan ensemble playing. .The residency will also include the delivery of gamelan workshops to young people at the Manchester Academy. The gamelan workshops will link to wider research led by Dr Rachel Swindells around the uses of gamelan in education and community contexts being undertaken within MMU's Research Institute of Health and Social Change (RIHSC)..The residency also holds a special significance because the Manchester world premiere of Only You 2.0 on June 4 will form part of a wider Manchester Gamelan Festival organised to promote the Gamelan and to mark the historic move of the Halle into its new Ancoats premises at St Peter's Church. .The ensemble will perform on June 4th at the “Focus on Gamelan” festival at Halle St Peter’s, Ancoats, Manchester .
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