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207/365 2009.7.26 | by Meg.M
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207/365 2009.7.26

Geez....1000 words.....I can't imagine anyone would want to listen to me to ramble on for that long about this shot, but 'tis the name of today's FGR game!


I am pretty sure this will be the last shot of this tattoo for while (I'm sure everyone is getting sick of seeing it, but I love it!) as I'm getting another one in a couple of weeks. I have it narrowed down to 2 designs and just need to commit to one or the other.


I'm confident that I am not alone in this, but I always get a ton of questions from people with they find out that I have tattoos. Most of the questions are along the lines of "don't they hurt?", "how did you pick the design?" and "why on earth would you get that done?". I shall do my best here to answer those questions.


I have been fascinated with tattoos for as long as I am remember....the history of the art, the meaning of various symbols and how they are interpreted by cultures around the world, the stories that most tattoos hold, the artists who do the tattoos and the people who get tattoos.


As for me....I have a total of four tattoos. My first is a ladybug. A couple friends and I had been talking about getting a tattoo done for quite a while and decided one night to finally just do it. Since I didn't know what I was getting myself into, I opted for a smaller design to sort of ease myself into the world of tattooing. It's not my favorite of my tattoos but it will always be "special" since it was my first. b


The second I got done on a trip to NYC. It is the star at the base of my neck. My bf and I at the time had matching designs done (they don't totally match....she wimped out and ended up getting a smaller one done, which was ridiculous because as you can see in this shot, the one I have isn't all that big). I've toyed around with the idea of getting some color added to it or having blended into a larger design, but I've never been able to decide what that color or design would be and have decided it is perfect just the way it is.


The next tattoo is a colorful combination of flowers and butterflies and is what most folks like to call a "tramp stamp". I would however like to point out that the location of this particular tattoo was chosen simply because it was the largest area for the design and vary rarely sees the light of day. It is very pretty though and while I think if I would to do it again today I'd pick different colors for the flowers, I do love it!


And finally, the peacock which I love. When I was first researching designs for my next tattoo, I kept coming back to Japanese inspired art and peacocks. I loved the all the bold colors of the peacock but didn't feel that was right for me. I wanted something simple but that still represented the symbol of the peacock (wholeness, dignity, inner self). When I saw this design, I absolutely fell in love and knew this was the one for me.


As for why I get them done...that's harder to explain. I HATE pain.....hate it. But there is something very calming for me when I get them done. It's very zen. Cheesy ass answer I know, but I don't know how to explain it any better than that.


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Taken on July 26, 2009