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2019_03_03_EZ_Canis_Major_HaOIII | by Murray L Parkinson
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The Porpoise Nebula in Canis Major.


This faint Oxygen III nebula is catalogued as Sharpless 308 in the constellation of Canis Major and is commonly called the Gourd Nebula, but I am one of those people who see a Porpoise first, or I am fonder of porpoises than gourds anyway. The nebula is classified as a Wolf-Rayet bubble and originates from the star located close to the centre of the frame.


Technical Details:


Televue NP127is Refractor at f/5.2, Astrodon 3-nm H alpha and OIII filters, QSI 683wsg camera. Mount: EQ8. Data capture from suburban Sydney.


H alpha: 29 x 21 minutes = 10 hours, OIII: 38 x 21 minutes + 10 x 28 minutes = 18 hours. All exposures used 2 x 2 binning.


Software: Nebulosity 4, PHD 2, PixInsight, Lightroom and Photoshop.


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Uploaded on April 12, 2020