Melbourne Refugee Rally June 2016
“Manus has been declared illegal, and Nauru is in crisis. The cruelty must stop” said Chris Breen for the Refugee Action Collective. “The PNG Supreme Court decision to close Manus cannot be appealed and consequential closure orders could be issued as early as next week. But the Australian government has been thumbing its nose at PNG laws in the lead up to the federal election.”

“On Manus, Wilsons and Broadspectrum have been effectively replaced by PNG police as the defacto authority in the camp. This is because of questions about the contractor’s legality since the court decision. PNG police have arrested and assaulted detainees (now called ‘residents’) for mental health issues, and for being out of turn in the internet room.“

“Malcolm Turnbull today professed concern for “love's triumph over hate” and for the “love of and respect for humanity.” But are refugees not part of humanity? Refugees on Nauru have called for Australian politicians to “Open their hearts and close the camps” in protests that are today in their 90th day. Instead the Coalition government has been drumming up hate for refugees in its desperate quest for votes. Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s open scapegoating that ‘illiterate and innumerate’ refugees take Australian jobs saw him lauded by Malcolm Turnbull as ‘outstanding’.” continued Breen
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