"Twitter" Logo Type by Maniackers Design Font "Pico" 2006-2010.09

Maniackers Design Font Seires No.100

Pico Black - ALPHABET

Font Designer : Masayuki Sato (Maniackers Design)

Design Year : 2001

Version UP : 2007, 2008



Masayuki Sato

Twitter : twitter.com/mksdsato


A font family of "Pico -Alphabet Black & White" is Pop and Cute!!

There are some different letters between small letters and big letters .

Its version was upgraded 2007,on July 2008. Version 3.0 now. I add a postscript.

I have received numerous inquiries,which about "Pico-Black" is similar to the logo of "Twitter".

Without any doubt, this logo is designed using "Pico-Black".

not merely "Similar". this font is used directly for "t,w,i,r". ("t" is the design of old version)

"e"is other fonts.


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Taken on August 26, 2009