• The engineer who told me to leave and stop taking photos.

CSX train in the Allston rail yard

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The engineer on the CSX train on the right actually stopped and told me to stop taking photos. When photographing critical infrastructure, it's always best to follow instructions.

  1. Lady.Knight 61 months ago | reply

    By the way - his train looks quite good!

  2. mkrigsman 61 months ago | reply

    Nice train on a bright sunny day!

  3. Clive Watson (Scotsman) 43 months ago | reply

    He is wrong in telling you to stop. There is no law against it ...even the police cannot stop you...you do have to provide identification if asked though. policy is as follows:...

    Non-Commercial/Personal Use Photography
    No permit is required for non-commercial/personal use pictures taken in public areas.
    However, any person taking pictures on, in, or of MBTA property, vehicles, or
    employees must provide proper identification* upon request of an MBTA Transit Police
    Officer or other MBTA Official. The MBTA Transit Police Officer or other MBTA
    Official may allow the person to take pictures at the specific location under the following
    • the person provides proper identification;
    • the circumstances indicate that the subject(s) of the picture(s) does/do not
    pose a security or safety threat or in any way cause disruption of service or
    operations of the MBTA; and
    • the picture(s) is/are for personal or educational use only (e.g., tourist,
    railroad buff, student, artist, etc.).
    Non-commercial photographers are prohibited from using tripods, monopods, wiring
    or any like equipment that may have an impact on the safety of customers or
    employees and are prohibited from interfering with the free flow of passengers or
    disrupting service in any manner.
    you do however need permission to take pictures to be used for commercial purposes...

    The image is very good Though...great focus and color...

  4. TCoste101 42 months ago | reply

    Great photo!

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