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    October 28 301/366

    First off, nothing's wrong. But those are real tears. Yes, boys can cry, too.

    I just was able to take part in two things today that reminded me that while my life is small, I can have an impact so much bigger than I could have ever imagined or put together on my own. One involved me, my wife, and a couple in LA and one of the greatest expressions of love possible. The other involved some fellow flickerers who never expected words from a Doctor in Ohio.

    When I think of how big this world is, how connected we are nowadays, and that I can impact people so far away for the better, it kinda makes me teary. OK, the truth is, it makes me all emotional, there you go!

    I hope you can share in that feeling.

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    1. Vickykc 67 months ago | reply

      I know exactly what you mean. Connected-ness has been making me cry lately too, in a good way.
      Great, honest, beautiful photo.

    2. dosgatos77478 67 months ago | reply

      Tears are not always a bad thing....and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    3. d_rod 67 months ago | reply

      I like emotion in this. Beautifully captured in words and imagery. Message well conveyed.

    4. MississippiMelanie 67 months ago | reply

      Tears are good. And you are right - there is a connection here in Flickrland. I've connected to people I never knew existed - seen their lives in pictures. It's special. And...thanks...

    5. daydream42581 67 months ago | reply

      This is a very powerful shot. I'm glad they are tears of joy.

    6. beccaplusmolly 67 months ago | reply

      love this. thanks for showing us tears are for everyone - and they can be tears of joy or sorrow.

    7. Nerboo [deleted] 67 months ago | reply

      I think those are tears of joy I see...the best kind. Beautiful words buddy!

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    8. Mi.ke.B [deleted] 67 months ago | reply

      This is spectacular, Mark. So glad you were able to be part of something that's obviously great for it to have such and impact.

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    9. Lucky-V 67 months ago | reply

      So moving, Doc...I can't help but think of the story you shared about the miraculous tree and "dying" as a young boy. Perhaps the connections you are able to make are your gift from that experience. (whew! sorry to get all spirit-y on you)

    10. Penalty Box Photography 66 months ago | reply

      Your shot expertly conveys the emotion you're feeling. Great work.

      It's not often enough that we can make such an impact in other people's lives. Thanks for sharing that emotion with us...

    11. Amy Lloyd 66 months ago | reply

      aww wow, you moved me certainly

    12. JOE MARINARO [deleted] 66 months ago | reply

      Man, I gotcha!
      I posted that video the other day of the pumpkin and the murdered guy's dad and sister showed up on flickr to comment on it... powerful stuff... powerful!
      Doubt I could even watch it again without the type of tears you expertly captured here!

    13. The Doctr 66 months ago | reply

      Sometimes it's good to slow down and think.
      Thanks. And thanks for being part of the story.
      Sometimes it's wonderful to just be happy again, too. Especially when you least expected it.
      I know. I go thru phases of being easily affected by things, to not at all. I wasn't seeing patients today, so I think that allowed me to let it out a bit more.
      Thank you. I wanted a little bit different of a shot, but I think you're right. The emotion and story were enough.
      No, thank you. We are real people. We are flawed people. We are united. And we do not exist for us. Keep strong.
      Me too. :-)
      Thank you.
      Maybe I should be writing more often...
      Though an impact can be for a few or be a small thing, it most definitely can forever change lives. Two of those moments yesterday. And I just felt honored to be a part of it (for what little I did).
      If you sit back and think about something, even that far in the past, how life (yours and so many others) could have been different with just one moment changed? Wow. It at least makes me appreciate every moment more.
      May you to impact others and realize that depth of those actions. Dwell on the positive, aim to change the negative.
      I think that must have been my intent. Thanks.
      Wow. Things happen that we never expect. It's nice to know that there are the good moments out there as well.

    14. Black wolf 66 months ago | reply

      beautifully emotive shot and story.

    15. *angelamarie* 66 months ago | reply

      So many are put off by witnessing others sadness, grieving, tears. I hope that for our own good, we start to realize that those emotions are just as important as the 'happy' ones.

      Thank you for sharing.

    16. SAMBoddy 66 months ago | reply

      I love that you shared this with us :)

    17. jimnomad 66 months ago | reply

      Dude, I love this shot, I love that you are sharing this. I love that I am not alone.

    18. eBohemimom 39 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much for sharing your great image. I used it here:

    19. eBohemimom 39 months ago | reply

      I agree most heartily Angelmarie!

    20. Healed By Art [deleted] 37 months ago | reply

      Boys do cry.

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