CalNat 2019 Winter Class 10, Graduation, 04-12-19
Greg Ira, the UC California Naturalist Program Coordinator, came to the graduation and brought Mark Bell, the Vice Provost for Statewide Programs, and Sarah Angulo, the Community Education Specialist from the university.

We also had some other special guests: a pair of newborn kittens brought in by our student, Fran Bowman. Fran is fostering the kittens which, at this stage, have to be fed every three hours. We let her bring them into the class and feed them during the break – and they got a LOT of attention. Hah!

We had Greg and Mark speak a little bit first on the UC Certified California Naturalist program, and then had the students who hadn’t presented their capstone projects already do their presentations.

We had 10 students present, including a 2-person team, and I was impressed by the work they’d all done.
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