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    1. ashley.adcox ages ago | reply

      great focusing on this! The detail came out quite nice!

    2. classy cannon [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Great photo! Thank you for posting it with a Creative Commons license. I used it on my blog at Open to Difference.

    3. coach_megs 119 months ago | reply

      I love the angle here - the mike in its support looks like some kind of friendly insect! I used it on my blog at freemybrain.com/migraines-on-the-radiomigraines-on-the-ra....
      - Megan

    4. gautez 117 months ago | reply

      Great photo - thanks for using a CC license. I've used it here.

    5. Simon 103 months ago | reply

      Many thanks for releasing this image under Creative Commons.

      We loved this image so much we used it to illustrate an article about our weekly news podcast taking place on the Isle of Wight.

      Many thanks. Love VentnorBlog

    6. akandy2010 101 months ago | reply

      Hello - I am doing research on media in an NGO. I would like to use this picture for the website & the flyer of the research project. If that is ok with you, how exactly should I attribute this work:
      a) as it is in print form (flyer) and in the website
      b) if I adapt the work for the flyer & the website

      Thank you very much in advance

    7. M. Keefe 101 months ago | reply

      link back or attribution in the credits is fine.

    8. akandy2010 101 months ago | reply

      Thanks! will let you know, of course,
      best akandy

    9. akandy2010 100 months ago | reply

      Excelent picture, I used it for a research project website (www.mediadem.eliamep.gr). of couse you are accredited.
      Thank you!

    10. clinted 100 months ago | reply

      Oustanding image. Used in a blog post:

      Thanks so much!

    11. Wei Jeng 96 months ago | reply

      Hi It's a great shot!
      We are a non-commercial website that provide cultural event information for Metro Pittsburgh area.
      We pick this picture as a default image in the Lecture type if a user does'n t upload an image.
      The website is eventur.sis.pitt.edu/
      Thank you for sharing!!

    12. TexasWatchdog 91 months ago | reply

      This is a great photo -- thank you so much for taking it and for making it available through Creative Commons. We're a small nonprofit news site based in Houston, and we've used the photo to illustrate a blog post touting an upcoming episode of our podcast on government transparency. We credited you in a tagline on the post and linked back to the photo here on flickr.

      Thanks again!

      Jennifer Peebles
      Deputy Editor
      Texas Watchdog

    13. richardmaun 83 months ago | reply

      fab photo! I borrowed it for my blog about my radio show. Credited to you and linked back to here. Cheers.

    14. colinandersonfm 66 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing!

    15. progs_amoz 62 months ago | reply

      great shot! I have used it for Dewar's Facebook Page, thanksss is so useful.

    16. M. Keefe 51 months ago | reply

      Glad to see it's been useful for so many blogs and publications. Thanks also for the attribution!

    17. alexmagri@y7mail.com 42 months ago | reply

      Thanks for this awesome image. I've used it for a small party of my music website i am starting (in construction right now) magroxela.isinthehouse.com/

    18. lewisremington2 41 months ago | reply

      I'm a singer/songwriter, and I've been wanting to invest in some new audio equipment. Personally, I love microphones like this, and I would love to get a new one for my studio. There's nothing quite like breaking in a new microphone with a solid recording session.

    19. Bob Brinkmann 41 months ago | reply

      Thanks for making available on creative commons. I used it on my blog here with credit. Podcasting for your life. Food activists take to the air. bobbrinkmann.blogspot.com/2015/04/podcasting-for-your-lif...

    20. srusinko 38 months ago | reply

      Great picture, thanks for making it available. I've used it (cited of course) in this blog post: paintingwithmanybrushes.wordpress.com/2015/06/26/sanctified/

      Let me know if you have any concerns. Thanks!

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