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Scottish Wildcat Kitten | by *Michelle*(meechelle)
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Scottish Wildcat Kitten

There were 2 litters of kittens that I could see at the park, one set was sleeping and the other was playing and in perpetual motion. I must have taken a hundred shots of these cuties and this is the best of the lot. I just think they are adorable and was determined to get something up here to show you all!! The are very rare and endangered...


The cats were in a large wire enclosure in a partially wooded area. this was taken through the wire mesh with a 70-200mm lens.


"At first glance, Scottish wildcats may look similar to a pet cat, but on closer observation there are differences. The wide, flat head, ears pointing more sideways, a bushy blunt-ended tail encircled with dark rings, and a distinctly striped coat all distinguish the true wildcat from feral cats. Research has also revealed differences in their genetic make-up, blood type and skull features.


Scottish wildcats are now one of Britain's rarest mammals and could be in serious danger of extinction. The latin name for the wildcat, Felis silvestris means 'woodland cat'. Since forests first covered the land, the wildcat has lived in Britain, however human persecution and habitat destruction led to its extinction in England, Wales and southern Scotland by 1880. The remote Highlands provided a last refuge."


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Taken on September 7, 2008