Haus am See
Haus am See in De Wijde Blik
December 14th 2013 until march 14th 2014
Opening: december 14th 2013, 17:00.
A street celebration with glühwein.
Between 17:00 and 18:00 there will be a live performance by Maartje Jaquet (keyboard and lead vocals), Hanneke Versluis and Marieke de Ridder (vocals).
A non stop installation with a slideshow of my collages.
Address: Eerste Egelantiersdwarsstraat 64, Amsterdam.

Collages in Atelier Open
From december 16th until february 1st you will be able to see and buy the original collages in gallery Atelier Open, Jan Voermanstraat 21, Amsterdam. When you buy a work of art there you can take it home with you right away. Prices vary from €175 - €295
Professional art prints can be ordered too, from €19 and up (depending on the size you like).
The exhibition is open by appointment; for opening times please contact Edith Brouwer: 06 54 75 54 54 /
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