Madonna&Child, a series of collages, 2014

In the Madonna&Child series I combine pictures from second hand art history books with plain images from how-to-take-care-of-your-indoor-plants kind of books. I cut away, replace, juxtapose, intertwine and overlap parts of these sacred and so well known images of Maria and her baby Jesus with images of flowers, leaves, branches and fruit, thus playing with concepts of fertility and immaculate conception, mother earth and the divine, life and death, love and loss.

SALON/BIG BANG Amstelkerk, Amsterdam
July 2 - august 24, 2014

Apart from my Madonna&Child collage exhibition in the Amstelkerk this collage will be exhibited in Magazijn, Amsterdam.

2nd opening & route SALON/BIG BANG JULY 2 *)
15.00 starting at MAGAZIJN with Hans Christiaan Klasema, Crystal Z Campbell, Robin De Vogel,Wilfred Junior Jansen, Ken Wolff, Maartje Jaquet and others
16.00 Bijbels Museum with Elle Verhagen, Carmen Freudenthal, Desiree Hammen, Jarwo Gibson, and others
17.00 Amstelkerk with Maartje Jaquet, Esther Louise Dorhout Mees, Maria van Daalen, and others

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 153
1012 ES Amsterdam

Bijbels Museum
Herengracht 366
1016 CH Amsterdam

Amstelveld 10
1017 DJ Amsterdam
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