Imperfection, Nov. 18 - me!

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    omg... photofriday is evil. I just posted a non-photoshopped photo of myself online. hehe

    1. musicmuse_ca 114 months ago | reply

      That is so great and perfectly imperfectly beautiful too.

    2. mivox 114 months ago | reply

      Ah, the irony. I took about 10 shots to get that one, and held the camera above my head to hide my double-chin, and so on... all to get a picture for "Imperfection".

      I finally stopped when I realized I was trying to get it perfectly in focus, and contemplated smiling so you couldn't see my crooked tooth.

      I'm sure it's deep and meaningful somehow! ;-)

    3. synecdoche 114 months ago | reply

      Nose rings rule. :)

    4. Reinhilde 114 months ago | reply

      I still don't know how you blow your nose without ripping the paper hankie though...

      Very brave of posting a self portrait - I avoid it as much as possible :D

    5. mivox 114 months ago | reply

      You hold the hankie gently! ;-)

    6. synecdoche 114 months ago | reply

      Yeah, having a cold is no fun!

    7. melaniebrell 113 months ago | reply

      this is the first picture I've ever seen of your face! You are wonderful!

    8. mivox 113 months ago | reply

      *blush* Thanks. :-)

    9. johngeoffreywalker 113 months ago | reply

      "so you couldn't see my crooked tooth"

      The is so American. What's wrong with a crooked tooth? A crooked tooth is cute.

      Although I don't know how you could look much cuter than you do already.

      The Doctor

    10. mivox 113 months ago | reply

      Hehe. Well, the term "English teeth" doesn't refer to the orthodontics-addicts on this side of the pond, for obvious reasons...

      ...I've noticed that your side of the Atlantic seems much more accepting of personal imperfection and eccentricity in general. I could put forth a number of theories about that, but Flickr hardly seems like the best platform for writing a novel. ;-)

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